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GSN Develops Screenplays that are:

a). Typically based on or inspired by true events or stories.
b). Extensively critiqued by experienced coverage professionals
c). Developed and owned by GSN. Clients can negotiate with confidence
d). Budgeted with experienced Line Producers (before Marquee actors)
e). Financially Researched to determine box office potential

GSN’S Unique Approach to Screenplay Development

A multi-million dollar independent film production is nothing more than a high risk start up with much of its personnel having never worked together before. Because the founders of GSN have developed multi-million dollar start-up companies, it understands the importance of carefully selecting who we work with in the film industry. We understand, when the right group of dedicated people fully commits, from script through distribution, the probability of generating box office revenue that is many times production costs increases substantially.

GSN starts with a great story property and then approaches pre through post and release with a standard that is beyond what the budget would seem to allow. If a project loses more money than it took to create it, then we believe you’re not being very creative.

It is a fact that two-thirds (66%) of all U.S. films released since 1950, have been written by writers with only one screenplay credit. Statistically this means that two out of every three screenwriters who work in the film industry probably has only one great original screenplay in them.

This is why we build a script through a team process.